Who is Concierge Holistic Wellness?

We provide premier integrative and holistic treatments and products customized to meet your individual wellness needs. It is our mission to share our expert knowledge and educate you on the mind-body connection and the tools needed to make lasting changes and obtain optimal health.

Concierge Holistic Wellness

Why We Are Different

At Concierge Holistic Wellness, we believe that finding the root cause of your symptoms is the missing link to optimal wellness.  We focus on the whole self; this is a truly integrative approach that allows you to move towards healing.  Your bio-individuality will help guide you on your holistic healing journey.  Your roadmap to wellness will include your unique nutritional, dietary, herbal, sleep, and exercise needs.

Could You Benefit From An Integrative and Holistic Approach?

Do you or a loved one experience any of the following?  Do you feel like you have tried everything possible to find relief?  If you are like most people you may not be that familiar with integrative medicine for mental health.  We focus on the root cause and treat the whole person.  This promotes healing from the inside-out.

We offer individualized wellness plans that are achievable for clients and maintainable to foster lasting changes to a happier and healthier life!  This is your journey and we are here to support and guide you!

Integrative Medicine has been successful in healing those that experience the following mental health symptoms.

» Anxiety   » Depression   » Bipolar II Disorder   » PTSD   » Stress   » Hyperactivity

» Behavioral Issues   » Inattention and Lack of Focus   » Insomnia

  » Eating Disorders   » Addiction  » Seasonal Affective Disorder

Integrative Wellness Plans

Comprehensive and Integrative Wellness Plan

You are ready for your holistic healing journey by implementing this individualized roadmap to wellness!

Counseling Sessions

Counseling sessions are beneficial to help foster growth and move you towards self-discovery!

Going Green

30-minute consultation to introduce the benefits of the herbal medicine CBD.

Health Care Team Integration

You and your healthcare team will receive training on how to integrate CBD into your practice.


What People Are Saying About Concierge Holistic Wellness

Concierge CBD Testimonials

His teacher has emailed me that he has had great days with improved focus! He is reacting less to frustrations. He said he has been feeling more focused and less angry since starting CBD!

A Happy Parent & Child


Concierge CBD Testimonials

I can sleep! I was able to stop taking prescription medication for sleep that always had me feeling so groggy the next day! Thank you so much for introducing me to CBD!

Sleeping Like A Dream


Concierge CBD Testimonials

It’s strange after starting the full spectrum CBD I started to notice that I was less anxious. Things that would normally bother me were not bothering me. I am less stressed and sleeping better.

Happy Customer


Complimentary Phone Consultation

Want to get started but still have some questions? Book a complimentary 10-minute consultation to learn more about our services and how we can help!

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