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At Concierge Holistic Wellness, we offer St. Petersburg an integrative approach to mental wellness. We believe that finding a balance with mind-body-spirit is the key to optimal wellness.

We specialize in root cause analysis by using bio-resonance scans to determine the biological components that are contributing factors, such as food and environmental sensitivities, nutritional and hormonal imbalances, resonating toxins, molds, viruses, bacteria, and parasites. A wellness plan is created with recommendations of Physica Energetics’ supplements, herbal, and homeopathic remedies., lifestyle habits, sleep, movement, self-care, nutrition, and additional therapeutic approaches such as mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral therapy, clinical hypnosis, and guided meditation.

The integrative approach to mental wellness promotes whole self-healing and changes that last a lifetime!

Who Can Benefit from an Integrative and
Holistic Approach to Mental Wellness?

We specialize in offering a variety of integrative
and holistic approaches that will meet your individual wellness needs.


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Meet Kelly Venuti, LMHC, CMHIMP, CCBDC

Kelly is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified CBD Consultant/Educator, Certified Brain Health Coach, and a Certified Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Provider.  She has over 20 years of experience providing integrative and holistic treatments, helping individuals obtain their wellness goals.  She believes in the mind-body-spirit connection and whole-self healing.  You cannot heal one without attention to the other.  Everyone can heal from within.

Kelly is a native of St. Petersburg, Florida, and loves her city!  Kelly prides herself on the connections she has made within the health and healing community to provide her clients with the best resources.  Concierge Holistic Wellness was born under the premise of not only providing an integrative approach to wellness but also collaborating with other like-minded practitioners in the hopes of giving individuals the tools and resources they need on their healing journeys.  When Kelly is not helping others, she loves camping with friends and family, catching the sunset, yoga, gardening, and watching her son play soccer!

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Concierge Holistic Wellness Brain Health Coach
Concierge Holistic Wellness Certified CBD Consultant

How Integrative & Holistic Treatments helped me & Why I am on a mission to share

It was May of 2018 and I had not been feeling well for many months, hot flashes, fainting episodes, extreme fatigue, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.  None of these symptoms were pleasant to say the least.  Being a Mom to a 5-year-old boy, Wife, business owner, soccer mom, the list goes on…. there was no time to feel that lousy!  After many tests and seeing different specialists I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease an auto-immune disorder.

I was prescribed a “cocktail” of medications to treat the symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, high heart rate, and the hyperthyroidism.  I started experiences many unpleasant side effects and knowing the dangers of these prescription medications had me worried for what the rest of my life would like to like if I continued this path.

After doing extensive research on alternatives of more natural treatments, I found that CBD would possibly be the answer I had been looking for.  After trying CBD products from a couple of different companies I found a product made in the USA in farms in Wilmington, North Carolina.  The product is USDA certified organic and what a difference in taste, bioavailability, quality, and results!  I was finally sleeping more soundly, felt an overall more sense of calm, and less discomfort.  I was able to reduce my prescription medications from 5 to 1 which continues today.  My passion was ignited, and I knew I was on a mission to share and help others on their journeys!

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