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Sourced from the highest quality ingredients.

High-quality supplements can be very beneficial to obtaining optimal physical and mental wellness. Here you will find a variety of high-quality supplements and client favorites.

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Sleep Support Bundle

A trio of supplements that promote restful sleep.
Thorne’s Sleep Bundle contains three supplements that support restful sleep and help balance circadian rhythms – Melaton-3, PharmaGABA-250, and Magnesium Bisglycinate.


Immune Support Bundle

A powerhouse trio of supplements that support optimal immune function.
Thorne’s Immune Support Bundle contains three products that provide comprehensive immune support – Phytogen®, Vitamin D Liquid, and Zinc Picolinate 30mg.

Thorne_Vitamin D

Vitamin D Liquid

Support for healthy bones and muscles, cardiovascular health, and immune function.
Vitamin D Liquid provides easy supplementation of Vitamin D, which plays an important role throughout life. Vitamin D Liquid is soy-free and mixed tocopherols are used to preserve freshness.


Floramend Prime Probiotics

A proprietary, stable probiotic blend for everyday GI and weight management support.
FloraMend Prime Probiotic supports a wide variety of health benefits, including GI support, weight management, seasonal allergy support, and immune function.



Restores electrolytes that promote performance, endurance, and recovery.
New Formula & Flavor! Catalyte is an electrolyte restoration complex that supports endurance and recovery.* The NEW lemon-lime flavor is low in both calories and sugar. NSF Certified for Sport®


Omega Superb

A great-tasting fish oil supplement in liquid for children and adults.
Omega Superb helps maintain a healthy cytokine balance and supports heart, brain, nerve, skin, and eye health. Lightly sweetened lemon-berry flavor in a liquid for easy supplementation.


Vitamin B12 Complex

B-vitamin complex with extra B12 and folate.

B Complex #12 supports energy production and healthy neurological function. Unlike many multi-B vitamins, it contains the active forms of eight water-soluble B vitamins.


Stress Management Bundle

A trio of supplements that help manage stress.

Thorne’s Stress Management Bundle contains three nutritional supplements that can help with stress management, as well as providing support for healthy adrenal function — Stress B-Complex, PharmaGABA-250, and Phytisone®.


Omega 3 Plus Q10

Two essential supplements for heart health in one gel cap.

Omega-3 w/CoQ10 combines EPA and DHA from fish oil with antioxidant and energy promoting coenzyme Q10 to support heart, blood vessel and brain health. It’s the highest quality fish oil available.

Free Quizes

If you have questions on which supplements are best for you here are some free quizzes you can take to help make your decision.  

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The Thorne Supplement Difference

Manufacturing the Right Way

All products are manufactured in the USA at the highest quality of standards. The facility is third party certified.

Sourcing Exceptional Ingredients

All ingredients are quarantined in our facilities until they are tested and verified. They are tested to verify identity, potency, and purity.

4 Rounds of Testing

Raw materials testing, in-process testing, finished product testing, and stability testing.

Sustainable Thinking

Thorne believes the environment should never be compromised. We do our part to protect the environment and its resources from start to finish on every Thorne product.

Complimentary Phone Consultation

Want to get started but still have some questions? Book a complimentary 30-minute consultation to learn more about our services and how we can help!

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