Insurance & Payment Information

Self-Pay Fees for Counseling

  • Initial Intake Session $325
  • 50 Minute Individual Session $190
  • 80 Minute Couples/Family Session $280

Insurance Details

We are in network with United Healthcare. We are considered out of network (OON) with all other insurances. In addition, we can accept Flexible and Healthcare Spending Accounts (FSA/HSA).

Questions to ask your insurance provider:

  • Does my plan include out of network benefits for mental health care?
  • Do I have a deductible for out of network mental health services?
  • What is the maximum amount my plan will reimburse for the following CPT Codes with a Licensed Mental Health Counselor?
    90837, 90847. 90791
  • What percentage of the maximum allowed amount will my insurance plan pay?
  • Am I required to obtain prior authorization for mental health service codes 90837, 90847, 90791 with a Licensed Mental Health Counselor?

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Schedule your complimentary consultation for help in determining how we can best support you in reaching your health goals.

Self-Pay Only. If you are utilizing UHC benefits, please email with a copy of your insurance card front & back and include your DOB.

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