The history of Bio-Energetic Testing

Did you know that our body is made up of energy that is measurable?  Bio-energetic testing was discovered in the 1940s by Dr. Voll.  Dr. Voll found that the body is made up of different types of energy.  Bio-energetic testing measures energy like an MRI or CT Scan but less invasive and is measured through hair and saliva, which I will discuss in more detail later in this post.  Every individual’s environment can disrupt the flow of energy, which can be restored through specific lifestyle changes such as diet, supplements, homeopathic remedies, sleep hygiene, and exercise.  Bio-energetic testing is used to identify correlating stress within the systems in the body, which causes imbalance.  The testing gives individuals the information needed to have a detailed road map to obtain optimal wellness. 

Each system can be impacted synergistically by a nutritional imbalance, exposure to toxins, and emotional or physical stress.  It is essential to understand what negatively triggers the body to reduce irritation.   

The mind-body connection is strong, and both affect each other, either negatively or positively.

How Does Bio-Energetic Testing Work?

The cells in our bodies hold a large amount of information. Almost everything we encounter daily is stored in our cells. This includes toxins, emotions, viruses, and stressors. We can access this biological information stored in our bodies through hair and saliva samples. Our hair follicles grow from blood vessels that contain a wealth of information for up to six years prior. Hair follicles can hold resonating toxins, nutrients, and cellular stress throughout the body. Saliva also has everyone’s chemical make-up. Saliva gives information regarding hormones, allergies, and infections. From this information, an individual’s sensitivities, resonating toxins, and hormone imbalances can be discovered.

Benefits of Bio-Energetic Testing

Emotional stress and tension are stored in the body; bio-energetic testing indicates how stress affects the body and vice-versa. The goal is to move the body from a state of stress to a state of homeostasis. Everyone can benefit from understanding their body’s systems better. The mind-body connection is strong, and both affect each other, either negatively or positively. Unaddressed health problems can cause emotional stress, and untreated emotional stress can cause health problems. Bio-resonance testing can help find the root cause of everyone’s symptoms, guiding the course of treatment customized to each individual’s needs.

What is the Balanced Health Full Scan?

The Balanced Health Full Scan is a simple saliva and hair test.  You will receive the test kit in the mail, collect your samples, and mail them back to the testing facility.  The testing facility puts together a report with the results of your bio-energetic levels, stress levels, environmental stressors, and hormone and nutritional imbalances.  Anything testing within 50-59 hertz indicates no sensitivity, and 65 hertz indicates sensitivity.  The further in either direction away the results are from the 50-59 hertz, the worse the sensitivity.  

This scan allows us to establish a baseline of data reflecting your current state of health.  Once this is complete, I will receive a detailed report to review with you. Within the report is a list of custom tested supplements, homeopathic remedies, and herbs to promote healing and homeostasis, and optimal wellness.  Your hair and saliva samples are scanned against potential remedies to ensure that they synergistically test well and complement your individual needs.  The remedies are implemented to allow your body to learn to maintain balance on its own.  It is recommended to test again after a course of remedies are implemented, typically at around six weeks.

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